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At Last, A Way To Know EXACTLY How Effective Your Advertising Is

Tired of advertising and not knowing how effective your marketing campaigns are? Tired of not knowing if you are investing in the right ads? For a low one time investment in your Ad Tracker no more will that worry you.

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Know EXACTLY What Works & What Doesn't

The Ad Tracker provides you with advanced analytics for all your advertisement campaigns that lets you to know exactly how effective your ad campaigns are. This will save you money by removing the ads that do not perform and also make you money by making your ads more effective.

With the Ad Tracker Analytics you can track the following instantly

  • Track Exit Links (Both unique and total clicks).
  • Track unique and total impressions.
  • Track response rates.
You can change the date interval by either choosing between a date range or choosing preselected values (Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last Month & This Month)

With the Ad Tracker you can view detailed information on your ads performance

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Increase Your Marketing Campaign to Far More Sites

The Ad Tracker is 100% HTML driven. No JavaScript is required for tracking. What this means is that you can use the Ad Tracker almost everywhere. Websites such as Craigslist does not allow JavaScript in their ads. Most tracking tools use JavaScript. The Ad Tracker does not!

This allows you to use the Ad Tracker for blogs, article sites, press releases, online classifieds and so forth. Any site that allows HTML in their ads or postings will work with the Ad Tracker.

No Need For Programming Skills

Creating an ad with the Ad Tracker is as easy as writing a document in any word editor. By using our easy to use WYSIWYG editor you can create your ad without problems.

With the Ad Tracker no programming skills are required. Creating an ad is as easy as writing a document in any word editor

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Use it Safely on Your Own Server Without Limitations

The Ad Tracker gets installed on your own server allowing you to have full control. You simply go through our simple installation process and your done. This also means that your Ad Tracker ads will go to your own domain which increases the confidence of your users. They can see that they are going to your domain and not some obscure tracking domain.

Once the Ad Tracker is installed you can logon with your preselected user and password where you can manage all your Ad Tracker campaigns. There's no limitations on how many campaigns you can create.

Who is the Ad Tracker Ideal For?

Any company, non-profit, landlord or property manager or other person who regularly posts ads, or other postings, on sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, various directories or any other site that provides HTML advertising.

Technical Requirements

The Ad Tracker requires PHP5, MySQL and ideally Apache. URL rewriting must be enabled. Most hosting companies will work with the Ad Tracker.

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