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Rentmore.ca - Online Property Management Solutions

Rentmore.ca is our flagship product. It is one of the leading providers of free rental listings and Online Property Management Solutions in Canada.

Not only does Rentmore.ca offer free rental listings, but our advanced system allows landlords and property managers to do so much more.

Once signed up a user has:

As of this moment (February 2009) Rentmore.ca receives approx. 20.000 unique visitors per month.

WhirlPark.ca - Buy and sell parking spots

WhirlPark.ca enables it's users to buy and sell parking spots.

When a user wants to buy a parking for sale the person can order it online on WhirlPark.ca and print out the parking permit in a few minutes and the parking spot is ready for them when they arrive. No more driving around endlessly looking for parking.

A user can buy annual parking, monthly parking, weekly parking, daily parking and even hourly parking. Which options are available is entirely up to the seller of the parking spot.

When a user owns a parking lot, garage or even a drive way the person can sign up on WhirlPark.ca for free to sell a parking spot. They will only pay if they sell their parking spot. The cost is a small percentage of the parking amount.

WhirlPark.ca takes care of the selling, the payment processing and the administration of the sales which leaves practically no work on the sellers side.

For more information on WhirlPark.ca feel free to check out WhirlPark.ca's Help Center.

Rentmore.us - The US equivalent of Rentmore.ca

Rentmore.us is the US equivalent of Rentmore.ca.

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